Here is some FAQ's before you place your order:

1) Will I be hungry.... you shouldn't be since the number one rule of the program is: DON'T GO HUNGRY!! Make sure you prepare.. you absolutely have to have food on hand to grab when you start to feel hungry.
2)Will I need to stick close to the bathroom? You shouldn't. The purpose of this program is to cleanse and support your body in a balanced way. I've never had to run to the bathroom during this program, but when I do go.... I feel like I eliminate more than normal.
3)Do I have to drink the juices in a particular order? NO. I normally drink the smoothie in the morning, then a juice with my lunch and with a snack in the afternoon.
4)Can I do this program if I'm watching my sugar? Please speak to me before beginning this program if you have any health related questions. You can absolutely join us if you're watching your sugar, there are just some extra guidelines I must insist that you follow.
5) How long do the juices last? We cold press our juices, so they are good for 3 days, HOWEVER, we want you to drink them the day you receive them.
6) What if the juices are too strong for me? Dilute them with water  and always drink them with a meal.
7) Is there a deadline to order? Yes! We need time to prepare our orders and route our deliveries, so our deadline to order is midnight on Saturday (for the following Monday delivery)
8) What time do you deliver? We have 3 options: before 7:30, between 7:30 - 8:00 and between 8:00 - 8:30.

Here is some of the fine print to keep in mind:

If you live beyond a 10 mile radius of midtown Sacramento, we can't guarantee a before 7:30 delivery time. Sometimes we will make it before 7:30, but other times we won't. Please be mindful of traffic and the fact that we have many other deliveries to make on our way to you. Maybe it would be easier for us to deliver to your place of work?

Please watch your spam or promotions folder for communication from the Peel'd Team during your program.

We are closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, so if you happen to leave a voicemail during those times, please be patient for our return call. Our weekends are all about planning and preparing for the following week, so emailing will get a quicker response on the weekends.

We start all of our programs on MONDAY. It's very difficult to keep track of orders who want to begin in the middle of the week. We don't make fresh juice or smoothies on Saturday or Sunday so it's really tough for us to support your cleanse program on those days. If at all possible, please prepare to begin on a MONDAY.