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Farm to Bottle

Peel'd juice is created with the most nutrient rich, quality produce available. We use only California-grown produce and purchase ONLY  from FDA approved sources. No, we can't just go to the farmers market to purchase our vegetables because many of the farms are not FDA approved. We have very strict guidelines when purchasing and juicing our veggies.

The Peel'd juice process follows strict FDA guidelines to ensure quality and safety. Our produce is delivered chilled, it goes directly into our refrigerator, and maintains a 40 - degree temperature throughout our juicing and bottling process. We wash each piece of produce with FDA approved anti-microbial wash prior to juicing. This process prevents any harmful bacteria from being present in your juice.

The Peel'd kitchen is completely sanitized each day and all employees follow very strict guidelines when entering the kitchen to ensure the safety of our juice. Safety and health is our number one concern when pouring each juice.

Each juice is made in small batches to ensure an acceptable temperature and taste, which is why the color of one Green Goblin may be a little different than another Green Goblin.