Delivery ***Please read our delivery guidelines****


Delivery ***Please read our delivery guidelines****


Please add delivery to your cart if you'd like us to drop off your items to your home or office. ($14/ week)


**We deliver within a 10-mile radius for $14. If you live outside this 10 mile radius please contact us to see if delivery is available and the price. 

If you've chosen a 5-day program we will deliver 2-days worth of goodies on Monday and Wednesday and your last day on Friday.

If you've chosen a 3-day program, we will be delivering 2 days worth on Monday and your last day on Wednesday.

During your check-out process, you will get three options for preferred drop off time. We try our hardest to make it to you within that time-slot, but please be patient with us, especially when you live or work beyond 10 miles from Midtown because we face morning traffic and we can never tell how long it's going to take us. We don't promise a 7:30 drop off if you live beyond our 10 mile radius because we leave our kitchen at 6:30 and make deliveries along the way to your drop off spot.

Once you receive your items you MUST PLACE THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR as soon as possible. Our products are perishable and must be kept cold.


It's important for us to increase our delivery charge so we can still offer juice at a reasonable price for everyone.

Please read our new delivery guidelines before choosing delivery so you're aware of any new charges that may be imposed.


Our $14 delivery fee is for addresses within a 10 mile radius of Midtown. If you're in doubt, just shoot us an email and we'll map it out to see.

If you live outside the 10 mile radius (from downtown) we will now be charging $1/ mile per day past 10 miles.

If you're ever in doubt, don't hesitate to send us your address and we'll check it out for you.






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