Juicing before it was cool.

We provided juice long before there was a new juice bar on every corner and before spending $10 on a bottle was cool. Each Peel'd juice is handcrafted for a PURPOSE, not just taste. Brandy Jo has been providing and educating her customers about juice for many years, long before Peel'd was created and carrying a bottle of green juice was cool.

NO Water added....EVER.

I was shocked and disappointed to see water as a main ingredient in other popular juices. Just for the record, we DON'T ADD WATER... EVER. Each juice that you purchase from us will be just that... 100% vegetable and fruit juice - not flavored water.

If you find our juices a bit strong for your liking, I suggest diluting it with water or coconut water yourself, but we will never ask you to pay for flavored water.

Fresh. Every. Day.

If you choose to sign up for one of our Peel'd Programs, you are signing up for FRESH juice every day. We know the importance of freshness, and although our juices last several days, we will never deliver more than 1 day worth of juice. Giving you the freshest juice possible is or goal, not cutting delivery costs by giving you 3-days worth of juice at a time.

Deprivation is NOT balanced.

Peel'd is the only juice company in town that is owned and operated by a health professional. Brandy Jo is a Holistic Health Provider and has been practicing since 2006. She owns and operates Integrative Wellness where she practices Nutrition Response Muscle Testing and teaches people how to heal themselves by food. It's this education and experience that has taught Brandy Jo that deprivation is NOT BALANCED. At Peel'd we never encourage a juice fast, especially for individuals who have never experienced a detox or cleanse program before.

Peel'd Programs are so successful because they encourage BALANCE. We believe in feeding your body to detox and heal. The perfect balance of fats, proteins, fiber and large amounts of nutrients are essential. Brandy Jo has found that by supporting the body through food, detoxing and healing is faster and more successful. During your Peel'd Program we ask that you continue to EAT during the process. We ask that you stick to vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds for the duration, and we provide recipes and ideas for you to follow if you need.