In 2009 Brandy Jo Neth-Aranjo, HHP created a detox program for her clients which consisted of juices, smoothies and soups. This program was designed with the intention of supporting each detox organ in a specific order. She offered this program to her nutrition clients for several years before officially opening Peel'd in 2012.

From day one, the main goal of Peel'd has always been education. In fact, here is the mission statement:

We strive to educate and support our community by providing pure, nutrient rich foods daily that promote true health.

Brandy Jo still owns and operates her wellness clinic called Integrative Wellness where she teaches people about the healing benefits of food. It's this education, experience and passion that has made Peel'd so successful today. Brandy Jo and her staff have successfully supported over 4,000 people through the detox process since opening Peel'd.

With so many juice bars opening, many of which promote  the popular JUICE FAST, Peel'd likes to set itself apart from the fad. After all, we were offering juice to our customers as health food before it was "cool." Peel'd doesn't promote a diet of JUST JUICE for any amount of time. After years of studying anatomy, physiology and nutrition, Brandy Jo has created a balanced plan that includes plenty of fats and proteins with large amounts of nutrient rich juices and smoothies to support specific detox organs.

If you'd like to consult with Brandy Jo before trying our juices or beginning a Peel'd Program, please email her, as she doesn't accept new clients through her online scheduler.

Peel'd started out with about 15 customers, which steadily increased to 30, and now we deliver to as many as 150 people each day. We make anywhere from 400 - 700 juices a day and have recently added soup, salad, quinoa bowls, paleo meals and gluten free meals to our offering. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to follow our continued growth.