Cold Press Vs. Home Juicers

Most of you probably know that here at Peel'd we cold-press our juice, but what does that mean? And why do we do it? Let's begin by comparing the methods of juicing between a cold-pressed juicer and a centrifugal juicer, like the one you likely to have on your kitchen counter right now.

Centrifugal Juicers

These juicers are the juicers most consumers have in their home. They're easily attainable and inexpensive, making them more common than their cold-pressed counterparts. These juicers use a fast-spinning metal blade that spins against a mesh filter, separating the juice from the pulp using centrifugal force, hence the name. 

Cold-Pressed Juicers

In comparison, cold-pressed juicers are much more expensive and time consuming than their centrifugal counterparts. Rather than using a blade, cold-pressed juicers crush and press fresh produce in order to extract juice. 

So why do we cold-press?

If cold-pressing is so much more expensive and time consuming, why would we choose that over a typical home juicer? The answer lies in the quality of the product. The fast-spinning metal blade in centrifugal juicers produce heat, in turn destroying some of the vital enzymes and oxidizing the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables you just juiced.  This kind of juice immediately begins to break down and “die”, meaning it needs to be consumed in 30 minutes or less after it’s produced. 

Comparatively, cold-pressing results in less oxidation, leaving the enzymes and nutrients live for 3-5 days. In addition, cold-pressing results in much larger yields of juice (vs wasted nutritious pulp left behind with a centrifugal juicer), produces less "bits", and they can more easily juice leafy greens

For these reasons, it is easy to see why cold-pressing is superior to centrifugal BUT it is important to note that home juicers still have their benefits. They may not be able to extract as many nutrients as cold pressing, but it is still better than not juicing at all! In our eyes, all juicing is good juicing and your body will still thank you for the added nutrients :)