Women Can and SHOULD Lift Weights Too!

Lifting weights has long been associated with healthier bones, hearts and joints, improved sleep, increased energy and stress relief. Why then, does it seem that lifting weights is a "boy's sport", leaving women on the treadmill?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or simply feel healthier, lifting can get you there! 

Lifting Will NOT Make You Look Like a Man

One of the number one excuses I hear when women don't want to lift weights is that they don't want to get "too bulky" or "look like a man". I've seen the pictures of the "she-men" most of these ladies are thinking of when they think of women lifting weights, and I can 100% guarantee this will not happen to you!

Not only are these women..."enhanced", but gaining that kind of muscle takes an immense amount of discipline, consistency and time. You aren't going to gain a crazy amount of weight overnight or start looking like a man after doing a few bicep curls, promise ;)

Lifting WILL Accentuate Your Female Curves

 Lifting weights and gaining muscle will only help the way your body looks. Want a bigger butt? Try squats. A smaller waist? Maybe some crunches. How about getting rid of those "wings" under your arms? Tricep extensions! 

Losing weight comes from a caloric deficit which is easy to create by doing cardio. But what about all that extra skin once the weight comes off? And where did your booty go? Cardio is a great tool, but lifting weights will help you build the muscle necessary to fill out those curves and look your best! Don't be surprised if when you start lifting, your weight stays the same and you drop a few sizes.

Lifting Weights = Eating More!

As with any form of exercise, lifting will increase your caloric expenditure meaning that you can eat more! You will not only need the extra food to fuel your intense workouts, but to build some muscle as well. Gaining any kind of weight requires excess calories, but when you're lifting weights and gaining muscle? That extra serving of pasta at dinner can mean more shapely arms rather than feeling like you need to run an extra 5 miles. Food becomes fuel to grow, rather than something to burn off. 

It's Not As Intimidating as You Think

Another reason many women fear lifting weights is because the free weight area can seem a bit daunting with all the testosterone surrounding it. But its really not that bad! Before going to the gym, look up some exercises online so you have a game plan, put on your favorite music and get to work. 

Chances are, the guys will let you do your thing. They're there to workout too! And if you do feel lost and need help with form, most guys are more than willing to show you the ropes. You can even hire a personal trainer or go with another girlfriend your first few times to help you get more comfortable!

Lifting Will Improve Your Other Activities as Well

If you love running, keep running. If you love yoga, don't stop! Lifting weights should not be seen as an alternative to your chosen form of exercise, but something to incorporate in addition to it!  Lifting weights has the added benefits of improved cardiovascular health, joint health and bone health. This means that lifting can help improve your flexibility, help you run faster and longer! 

You'll Feel Like a Bad A**

This may just be me, but when I increase the weight I can lift for a certain exercise, I feel on top of the world! It's an amazing feeling to think "man, I can squat a full human being on my back". It's as if nothing can stop you! That could just be the endorphins talking though ;)

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start lifting! Soon you'll be one strong and sexy lady :D