Gifts for a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you're buying a gift for your health-nut cousin or trying to help someone get started on their New Year's resolution, these gift ideas are a great place to start! You can even put them on your own Christmas list, maybe Santa will surprise you this year ;)

For the Newbie

This person is interested in working out and starting to eat better, but they have no idea where to start. These gifts will give them a great foundation to start their healthy lifestyle.

  • Bathroom scale for those with weight loss goals in mind
  • Kitchen scale to keep food portions in check
  • Gym membership for that extra nudge to get active
  • Healthy cookbook for inspiration for healthy meals
  • Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker to set goals and get active!
  • Magazine subscription to read about healthy lifestyles and get motivated
  • Meal planning journal to stay on track and encourage healthy cooking
  • Pull-up bar to get active from home

For the Foodie

The person that loves to cook and wants to cook things that are better for you.

  • Food savers to keep 1/2 eaten onions, tomatoes, avocados, and lemons from spoiling 
  • Food steamer to cook veggies without any added fat
  • Magic Bullet for homemade smoothies and soups
  • Cutting board with prep storage because it's awesome!
  • Vegetable spiralizer for homemade zuchinni "pasta"

For the Runner/Hiker

These people prefer to get their workouts in outside.

  • Fivefingers Running Shoes for hiking, kayaking, running etc. while practically barefoot
  • Camelbakhydrobak to stay hydrated on long hikes
  • Music player and/or armband for music player to listen to music during a jog
  • Sweat-proof headphones to keep sweaty ears from ruining another pair of headphones
  • Warm workout gear because its December and it's cold outside!

For the Yoga Enthusiast

Or someone wanting to get into yoga!

For the Bodybuilder/Powerlifter

  • Adjustable dumbbells to workout from home without an entire rack full of dumbbells
  • Weight belt for the powerlifter looking to lift heavier weights
  • Wrist straps to help pull more weight with less calluses
  • Blender Bottle to shake up those pre-workout protein shakes
  • Gym bag to carry all your cool new gear 

Hopefully this list gave you an idea of fun gifts for someone interested in a healthy lifestyle! I know I'd be ecstatic if Santa brought me any of these ;) Happy holidays and good luck shopping!