Meal Prep 101

With a new year comes resolutions to get healthy, fix our diets and start working out. But how exactly do you plan on doing that? For me personally, I always start off with good intentions, but come day three of the new year, I tend to get busy, lazy and fall back into my old habits. But this year I think I may have found the solution! I present to you: meal prepping.

Meal prepping can often seem overwhelming, I know it was for me, but it's actually quite simple! And by having the majority of my meals prepped ahead of time, I don't have to worry about finding time to make dinner every night, "accidentally" winding up at a fast food restaurant, or using the excuse that I need to cook something to have energy for my workout and then skipping it all together. (I can't be the only one, haha!) Instead, I know exactly what I'm going to be eating for the week, its all ready for me, and I know its going to be healthy. 

If this sounds like something that would help you and your eating habits, keep reading for my meal prep guide and some simple recipes to include in your meal prep!

Step 1: Define Your Goals 

Are you meal prepping to lose weight? To save time? Are you going to prep every meal and snack for the week? Or would just having breakfasts ready be enough?

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to meal prep! Even the littlest bit of prep can make a world of difference. It all comes down to what you think will make it easier for you to eat healthier during the week. 

Step 2: Make a Plan

Once you know what your goals are, it is time to start brainstorming your plan of attack. Think of recipes you are going to want to eat during the week or easy breakfasts/snacks you can grab and go on your way to work. You can start off prepping for one meal and build up to prepping multiple meals for each day as you see fit.  

Once you know what it is you are wanting to make, hit the grocery store! Buy the items you will need to make each recipe in the quantity needed for the amount of meals you are planning to have. For example, you plan on having 5 oz of bbq chicken for 2 lunches and 3 dinners throughout the week. This means you will need to make sure you have at least 25 oz of chicken for those meals!

Finally, while at the store make sure to pick up some tupperware containers. There are some fancy, portion controlled containers you can buy online, but the ones at your local grocery store will do the job just as well. 

Step 3: Get Cooking!

Find a day that you will not be rushed and prep like there's no tomorrow! I find the best way to prep for the week is to keep it simple: oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch, fresh fruits and vegetables cut up for snacks, and a couple proteins/starches/veggies for dinner that I can mix and match as I please. Here are some of my favorite recipes that make meal prepping easy!